Update Kloxo-MR

Mustafa Ramadhan actively works on Kloxo-MR development and does continous releases with excellent new features and bug fixes, so make sure you either enable Auto Update or manually update your Kloxo-MR.

Enable Auto-Update Kloxo-MR7

  1. Open your Kloxo-MR panel http://{IP}:7778
  2. Navigate to General Settings icon available at bottom box under Advanced category
  3. Tick the check box Auto Update and save

This will enable Auto Update which runs cron in background to check if any update is available and safely does the updation activity.

Update Kloxo-MR7 Manually

Run below commands on your server console

cd /
yum clean all
yum update
sh /script/cleanup
sh /script/restart-all

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