Developer Environment Setup

Local Server Environment

Usually a developer should always have a local server environment for prompt testing the code locally for robust application development.

When working in any company, always try maintaining your entire thing into one single folder known as Work/Labs and within that maintain folders as below

  • Resources - This should contain project folders and every other resource related to the project
  • Tools - All applications required for development should be installed here
  • Workspace - All code should reside here like PHP, Java, StaticSites, Android

Windows WAMP Setup (PHP Development)


  1. Download WAMP 64Bit/32Bit -
  2. Download VC Libraries/Binaries required to run wamp application
  3. Install wamp in Labs/Tools folder
  4. Add PHP Path in your Environment Settings
    • Right click on Computer > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables
    • Create new variable in user variable as "PHP_HOME" and set the path till PHP7 directory
    • Update PATH named variable, if not present create new PATH variable in User variables and give value as %PATH%;%PHP_HOME%;

Windows Jekyll Setup (Static Site Development)

  1. Jekyll is built on Ruby and hence requires Ruby (2.2.6) installed -
  2. Also download DevKit For use with Ruby 2.0 and above (x64 - 64bits only) and extract in Tools folder
  3. This should automatically also add Ruby in your path variables, run below commands
    • gem install bundler
    • gem install jekyll

Windows Hexo Setup (Static Site Development)

  1. Hexo is built on Node and hence requires NodeJS preinstalled -
  2. Run command as npm install hexo-cli -g now Hexo is available for your Static Site Development

Windows GitBook Setup (Static Site Development)

  1. GitBook is built on Node and hence requires NodeJS preinstalled -
  2. GitBook-CLI helps to run GitBook on your local machine, install with below command
    • npm install -g gitbook-cli

Development Tools

  1. Git for Windows
  2. PostMan
  3. Grammarly Chrome Extension
  4. Mobile/Responsive Web Designer Tester Chrome Extension
  5. AdBlock Chrome Extension

Good to have Tools

  1. OpenSEO Stats Chrome Extension
  2. BuiltWith Chrome Extension
  3. Momentum Chrome Extension

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